About Us

About Us

kencorner.com is a blog was started in 2018 by Mohamadsiraj Raza.

We have started this for how-to guides for Linux/Windows system administrators.We are always trying to provide study material which would be easy to learn.


This is simplest way to keeps you updated with new launched device, apps ,Latest Technology , Gadgets, Computer tutorial and best things you must know.

For the product that we mansion here, we provide a purchase link that points to the shopping site itself.we always want our readers to always get latest update about technology’s news.

About Me

Mohamadsiraj Raza

I’m Mohamadsiraj Raza, a technophile and all-around computer geek and the founder of kencorner.com. I enjoyed writing about technology and new gadgets. I am also a technology consultant for individuals, small businesses, and events. Main purpose for this blog is to exploring a new technology.

You may mail me at : [email protected]