computer motherboard

Computer Motherboard And Its Components

Computer Motherboard And Its Components

The computer motherboard connects all the parts(components) of a computer together.
Mainboard, baseboard, mobo (abbreviation), system board,  MB (abbreviation), logic board are the synonyms of computer’s motherboard .
Computer motherboard is single platform to connect all of the parts (components) of a computer together,Hence it considered as the backbone of a computer.

Computer motherboards are primarily of two types 

i)  AT motherboard

ii) ATX motherboard.
we are not using AT motherboard now a day.

Some of popular manufacturers of the motherboard.

A typical motherboard with constituent components is given below :

The important components of a Motherboard are given below:



computer motherboard


1. Mouse & keyboard : 
There are two types of keyboard and mouse  connectors.First type is called PS/2 and second one is called USB.

computer motherboard

2. USB (Universal serial bus) :
USB is Universal serial bus. It is used for connection for PC. There are  different devices which is used to connect with USB port such as mouse, keyboards, scanners, cameras, and even printers.USB connector is used to connect computer motherboard and a peripheral device. You can insert or remove peripheral device connect by USB connector without restarting your system.

3. Parallel port  :
Most of old  printers are used to connect by  parallel port. Parallel port used more than one wire for sending or receiving multiple bits of data at once, while serial port uses only one wire. Parallel ports use a 25-pin female DB connector.

computer motherboard

4. CPU Chip  :
CPU refers to a processor, the central processing unit, also called the microprocessor performs all the task that take place inside a computer system.It is also know as brain of computer.

5. RAM slots :
RAM slots is for attaching RAM on it in general desktop we can see two slot of RAM but in server mothereboard we can see 4+ slot of RAM.RAM comes in different size(memory).

6. Floppy controller :
In old motherboard the floppy drive connects to the computer via a 34-pin ribbon cable, one end of ribbon cable is connect to floppy drive and other is connected to the motherboard.

7. IDE controller :
IDE that is Integrated Drive Electronics,also called as ATA or Parallel ATA (PATA).IDE controller is responsible for controlling the hard drive. Today’s computers no longer come with a IDE controller.

8. PCI slot :
PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interface, PCI slot allows you to insert expansion cards into your computer.. PCI used to connect additional PCI device like network cards, sound cards,modems,video cards.Some of today’s computers no longer come with a PCI expansion slot.

9. ISA slot : 
ISA stands for Industry Standard Architecture, It is the standard architecture of the Expansion bus.

10. CMOS Battery :
CMOS is complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor is used to store BIOS setting in computer motherboard. CMOS Battery also store date and time.

11. AGP slot :
The Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) is a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a video card to a computer system, If you have a modern motherboard, you will almost certainly notice a single connector that looks like a PCI slot.

12. CPU slot :
The processor socket (also called a CPU socket) is the connector on the motherboard that connect a CPU.

13. Power supply plug in :
The Power supply provides the necessary electrical power to make the computer system operate. The power supply takes standard 110-V AC power and converts into  +/-12-Volt, +/-5-Volt, and 3.3-Volt DC power.
The power supply connector has 20-pins, and the connector can go in only one direction.


computer motherboard

Below Diagram show component of motherboard

Here we are using Asus H110M-cs motherboard

components of motherboard

1)  TPM connector (14-1 pin TPM)

components of motherboard TPM

2 ) ATX power connector

3) CPU socket

4) CPU and chassis fan connector

5) DDR4 DIMM slots

6) Serial ATA connector

7) System Front panel connector

motherboard front panel connector

8) Chassis instrusion head

9) Speaker Connector

10) PCI Express

11) Clear RTC RAM

12) Front panel audio connector

13) Serial port connector

14) PCI Express slots

15) LPT connector

16) USB 3.0 connector

17) USB 2.0 connector

Installing components of motherboard

Installing component of motherboard

Step 1 ) Install CPU


Installing CPU


Step 2 ) Installing CPU Fan


 Installing CPU Fan


Step 3 ) Install RAM

Install RAM


Step 4 ) Install SATA devices

Step 5 ) Install Expansion cards

Step 6 ) Install system panel connector

Step 7 ) Install ATX power connector

Install ATX power connector

Step 8 ) Connecting input/output devices

Step 9 ) Power On the system and install Operating System