File Extension and Beep Codes

File Extension and Beep Codes

File Extension and Beep Codes

A file extension is suffix of a file name, after the dot. Basically file extensions are three characters long, but they can be shorter or longer as well.


Most common file types and file extensions
Below is a list of the most common file extensions,

Audio file formats by file extensions

.aif – AIF audio file
.cda – CD audio track file
.mid or .midi – MIDI audio file.
.mp3 – MP3 audio file
.mpa – MPEG-2 audio file
.ogg – Ogg Vorbis audio file
.wav – WAV file
.wma – WMA audio file
.wpl – Windows Media Player playlist

Compressed file extensions

.7z – 7-Zip compressed file
.arj – ARJ compressed file
.deb – Debian software package file
.pkg – Package file
.rar – RAR file
.rpm – Red Hat Package Manager
.tar.gz – Tarball compressed file
.z – Z compressed file
.zip – Zip compressed file

Disc and media file extensions

.bin – Binary disc image
.dmg – macOS X disk image
.iso – ISO disc image
.toast – Toast disc image
.vcd – Virtual CD

Data and database file extensions

.csv – Comma separated value file
.dat – Data file
.db or .dbf – Database fileBeep codes
.log – Log file
.mdb – Microsoft Access database file
.sav – Save file (e.g., game save file)
.sql – SQL database file
.tar – Linux / Unix tarball file archive
.xml – XML file

Executable file extensions

.apk – Android package file
.bat – Batch file
.bin – Binary file
.cgi or .pl – Perl script file
.com – MS-DOS command file
.exe – Executable file
.gadget – Windows gadget
.jar – Java Archive file
.py – Python file
.wsf – Windows Script File

Font file extensions

.fnt – Windows font file
.fon – Generic font file
.otf – Open type font file
.ttf – TrueType font file

JPEG example.Image file formats by file extension

.ai – Adobe Illustrator file
.bmp – Bitmap image
.gif – GIF image
.ico – Icon file
.jpeg or .jpg – JPEG image
.png – PNG image
.ps – PostScript file
.psd – PSD image
.svg – Scalable Vector Graphics file
.tif or .tiff – TIFF image

Internet related file extensions

.asp and .aspx – Active Server Page file
.cer – Internet security certificate
.cfm – ColdFusion Markup file
.cgi or .pl – Perl script file
.css – Cascading Style Sheet file
.htm and .html – HTML file
.js – JavaScript file
.jsp – Java Server Page file
.part – Partially downloaded file
.php – PHP file
.py – Python file
.rss – RSS file
.xhtml – XHTML file

Presentation file formats by file extension

.key – Keynote presentation
.odp – OpenOffice Impress presentation file
.pps – PowerPoint slide show
.ppt – PowerPoint presentation
.pptx – PowerPoint Open XML presentation

Programming files by file extensions

.c – C and C++ source code file
.class – Java class file
.cpp – C++ source code file
.cs – Visual C# source code file
.h – C, C++, and Objective-C header file
.java – Java Source code file
.sh – Bash shell script
.swift – Swift source code file
.vb – Visual Basic file

Spreadsheet file formats by file extension

.ods – OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet file
.xlr – Microsoft Works spreadsheet file
.xls – Microsoft Excel file
.xlsx – Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet file

System related file formats and file extensions

.bak – Backup file
.cab – Windows Cabinet file
.cfg – Configuration file
.cpl – Windows Control panel file
.cur – Windows cursor file
.dll – DLL file
.dmp – Dump file
.drv – Device driver file
.icns – macOS X icon resource file
.ico – Icon file
.ini – Initialization file
.lnk – Windows shortcut file
.msi – Windows installer package
.sys – Windows system file
.tmp – Temporary file

Video file formats by file extension

.3g2 – 3GPP2 multimedia file
.3gp – 3GPP multimedia file
.avi – AVI file
.flv – Adobe Flash file
.h264 – H.264 video file
.m4v – Apple MP4 video file
.mkv – Matroska Multimedia Container
.mov – Apple QuickTime movie file
.mp4 – MPEG4 video file
.mpg or .mpeg – MPEG video file
.rm – RealMedia file
.swf – Shockwave flash file
.vob – DVD Video Object
.wmv – Windows Media Video file

Word processor and text file formats by file extension

.doc and .docx – Microsoft Word file
.odt – OpenOffice Writer document file
.pdf – PDF file
.rtf – Rich Text Format
.tex – A LaTeX document file
.txt – Plain text file
.wks and .wps- Microsoft Works file
.wpd – WordPerfect document

Beep codes

A beep code is a signal generated by computer during the boot process. Most beep codes are related to a power on self test (POST).

Beep codes vary depending on the manufacturer of the BIOS.

Below are some of the common beep codes for an Award BIOS.

Beep Code Meaning

1 long, 2 short
Video adapter error: Bad or improperly seated video card

Repeating beeps
Memory error: Bad or improperly seated RAM

1 long, 3 short
Bad video RAM or video card not present

High-frequency beeps
Overheated CPU: Check fans

Repeating high/low beeps
CPU: Improperly seated or defective CPU

Below are the IBM error code families and the component that the error code relates to :

Error Code Family == Error Type

1xx == System board errors
2xx == Memory (RAM) errors
3xx == Keyboard errors
4xx == Monochrome monitor errors
5xx == Color monitor errors
6xx == Game control adapter errors
7xx == 8087 or 80287 math coprocessor errors
9xx == Parallel printer adapter errors
10xx == Reserved for parallel printer adapter
11xx == Asynchronous communications adapter errors
12xx == Alternate asynchronous communications adapter errors
13xx == Parallel printer adapter errors

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