Funny Linux Commands

Funny Linux Commands

Funny Linux Commands

Some of  Funny Linux Commands is below

1. Cowsay

For this commmand to be work we need to install package.

sudo apt-get install cowsay
cowsay "Hi, How are you"

Funny Linux Commands | cowsay

Also we can use it on this way,

cowsay -f dragon-and-cow Hey who are you
cowsay -f ghostbusters hey who are you

Funny Linux Commands | cowsay2

Here are some more list we can use in this command,

[email protected]:~$ cowsay -l

Cow files in /usr/share/cowsay/cows:

apt beavis.zen bong bud-frogs bunny calvin cheese cock cower daemon default
dragon dragon-and-cow duck elephant elephant-in-snake eyes flaming-sheep
ghostbusters gnu head-in hellokitty kiss kitty koala kosh luke-koala
mech-and-cow meow milk moofasa moose mutilated pony pony-smaller ren sheep
skeleton snowman sodomized-sheep stegosaurus stimpy suse three-eyes turkey
turtle tux unipony unipony-smaller vader vader-koala www

Example :

cowsay -f stegosaurus hey who are you

2. Cowthink

cowthink -f ghostbusters hey who are you

3. sl – Steam Locomotive

sudo apt-get install sl

Funny Linux Commands | LS

4. figlet – draw banners

this command used to display text banners.

sudo apt-get install figlet

Funny Linux Commands | figlet

5. fortune

This command will display a random hopefully quote of the day

sudo apt-get install fortune-mod

Funny Linux Commands | fortune

6. cmatrix – The MATRIX

sudo apt-get install cmatrix

Funny Linux Commands | cmatrix

7. rev – Reverse text and files

This command will print reverse of sentence

[email protected]:~$ rev
hi how are you
uoy era woh ih
hope you are doing well
llew gniod era uoy epoh

8. Watch Star Wars

This will telnetting to and play the movie.


Funny Linux Commands | Star War

9. factor – factorise numbers

Factor command will print lowest common multiple (LCM) factors of the nmber.

factor 80
80: 2 2 2 2 5

10. aafire – burn the console

It will renders a burning fire on the terminal.

sudo apt-get install libaa-bin

Funny Linux Commands | aafire

11. text to speech with espeak

This command can speak your entered text using stored sound files and pattern.It is a multi lingual software speech synthesizer.

sudo apt-get install espeak

espeak "mohamadsiraj raza how are you"

It will speak the sentence.

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