PC Boot Process

The PC Boot Process

The PC Boot Process

PC boot process is process of starting a computer , while it starting its take lots of process to completed before it get started.

Step by steps of boot process.

1 when we start the system ( power on) the BIOS ( basic input-output system) on system memory ROM (read only memory) takes charges.

2 The very first job of BIOS ( basic input-output system) is to check all the component of computer system is working fine or not.

3 First it will check for drive and looks for the system files on your hard disk.

4 It will then copied the boot file from the first sector of hard disk to specific location in RAM this is called as boot record or Master Boot Record.

5 Then It load the initial system file into RAM from disk drive or hard disk.

6 After loading initial system file it will load the rest of the operating system into RAM.

7 Once the operating system load then it will load the drive file for specific device

8 After all operating files loaded in system memory, the operating system is ready to perform the task which is given by user interaction.


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