transmission-modes in computer networks

Transmission Modes in Computer Networks

Transmission Modes in Computer Networks

Transmission Modes is a mechanism in which data ( or information ) is transmitted from one device to another device which is connected over a network.
Different types of transmission modes in computer network is as follow.

1. Simplex Mode
2. Half duplex Mode
3. Full duplex Mode


transmission-modes in computer networks

1. Simplex

One way transmission only one can send other can receive.We cannot send a message back to the sender.
One of the best example of simplex transmission mode is  television broadcasting also loudspeakers broadcasting is an example of  simplex transmission mode which is one way communication.

2. Half duplex

Both way transmission but one way at one time.

Example walkie- talkie in which one can communicate after another done but communication take place from both side.

3. Full duplex

we can send data in both the directions that is sending and receiving data at same time.

Telephone uses full duplex communication mode  in which both sender and receiver can communicate at the same time.

Also local area network where all device are communicating simultaneously.

Full duplex system uses two line for sending and receiving data.


transmission modes in computer networks


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